Vote Your Interest! Candidates Cincinnati Board Of Education

Written By: Ishton W. Morton – November 3rd, 2019

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 is Election Day in Ohio.

On Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 is Election Day. Accordingly we have approximately nine (9) candidates bidding for a seat on Cincinnati Public School District’s Board of Education.

They are as follows: Ben Lindy, Ozie Davis, Marlena Brookfield, Gary Favors, Pamela Bowers, Steve Mergele, Eve Bolton, Heather Couch and Carolyn Jones.

Currently, Cincinnati Public School’s Board of Education President Carolyn Jones, Eve Bolton and are the incumbents running. Meanwhile Ben Lindy, Heather M. Couch and Marlena Brookfield are the challengers that make-up the other six-candidates in the race.

Accordingly, there seems to be three-candidate aspiring for the unexpired term of Ericka Copeland-Dansby, who resigned from the board earlier this year.

Also, for whatsoever it means, Gary Favors and Steve Megerle makes up the three-candidate challenging for the unexpired term, Pamela Bowers, the incumbent who was appointed to the board  back in March of this year.

Ozie Davis III

It is extremely troubling. According to radio announcement and/or commercials, Ozie Davis’ name will not be on the ballot. If voters in the Cincinnati Public School District want Davis back on the board, they will have to write his name must be written-in. This is sad!

Subsequently, Davis was required to file as a write-in candidate after he failed to gather enough candidate petition signatures to qualify for the ballot. However, since he filed with the Hamilton County Board of Elections as an official write-in candidate, any ballots cast for Davis (him) will and must be counted.

The issue of voting should never be on conditions that one is Democrat or Republican. It should always be the candidate that best represent your interest.

Gary Favors

In particular, I have listened and I have become enormously bewilder. Republicans have endorsed Gary Favors and Heather M. Couch. Mr. Favors seems to have ideas that will continue to wreck and direct funds away from the Cincinnati Public School District.

According to Mr. Favors, he will preserve opportunities for the district by protecting options like state voucher programs which he proclaimed provides disadvantaged families the choice to send their children to the public, parochial or private school of their choice. There is no such thing as a public parochial school. This idea is not new. This a plot designed to direct the best and most gifted student away from the district. Clearly, he is having an extremely strange relationship with the truth.

Mr. Favors continued to say; “We need to strengthen our neighborhood schools in order to create equity. Our magnet schools are one of our crown jewels and we should continue to support these programs. There is no reason that every school in the district can’t be high quality and put students on the pathway to college or a career. Again, it is imperative that the board work more cooperatively with parents, neighborhoods and residents to address their needs and improve the schools. It starts with making academic achievement the priority; something the current board has not done.”

How will Mr. Favors achieved these things when his basic presupposition is to redirect funds away from Cincinnati Public School District.

Steve Megerle

Predicated on information received, Steve Megerle formerly served as the chief of staff for Councilman Jeff Pastor and is an attorney. Also, he previously served as Covington City Commissioner until he was forced to resign after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor.  

However, according to WCPO9 News he facilitated with anonymous payment of pamphlets with anti-gay overtones directed at another commission candidate. Accordingly, he claimed his record has been expunged.

Mr. Megerle seems to be playing on the emotion African American voters. He had this to say; “We must hire more African American schoolteachers to teach in all of our schools. This will help our schools improve. CPS should also try its best to duplicate and empower principals who are succeeding. Let’s not be afraid if we have a continually failing school to turn it upside down and start over to get it right.  Every child must have a chance to succeed and education is the great equalizer, so it is too important to not take drastic change to fix the system.”

Megerle who is overwhelming the voters in the Cincinnati Public Schools District with negative energies had this to say; “Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) is a failing school district for the majority of the student consumers. My goal as a board member will be to take it from failing to first in the nation as an urban school district. A parent is in the best position to make the decision for what education is best for their child, and all options must be on the table when you have a failing school district. I support expanding the inequitable EdChoice voucher scholarship program district-wide so a chance to succeed is not based on a zip code or neighborhood school boundaries.  Also, I would support CPS board-run charter schools, and CPS working to regain its accreditation it lost by a 15-0 vote from the bipartisan state board of education.” Charter schools are other vehicles that suck-up resources from the districts and the top 1% of charter schools governance get rich over night.

It is exceedingly insulting, offensive when Caucasians seeking public office they escape into the African American Community and find some wayward or unsuspected soul most likely an African American female to carry their dirty bucket of water for them.

Ironically, Mr. Megerle is being driven by deceptive attitudes and plantation mentalities. Under no circumstance whatsoever should a Caucasian seek to use the word boy in reference to anyone in the African American Community. There are other verbiage that can be utilized. It is shameful and belittling.

Pamela Bowers

Again Pamela Bowers who is the director of school-based services at Central Clinic Behavioral Health replaced Ericka Copeland-Dansby who resigned on March 6th, 2019. She deserved a real opportunity to implement her plan.

Actually, Bowers “The three-year community Strategic Plan clearly maps out the district’s plan to improve academic progress among all of our schools. In reflection of 2018-2019 State Report Card, Cincinnati Public Schools’ neighborhood schools have made great gains in multiple sections that I expect to continue.”

Quite simply Bowers had this to say; “I am not a supporter of school choice/voucher system.” She will keep your tax dollars in the district.

Although, Davis led a community consultation business in Avondale his bid in this race continues to be especially sad. He was appointed to the board in May 2018 after Lannis Timmons resigned. Many, many years ago, Davis worked as an aide to Democrat Steve Driehaus when Driehaus represented Ohio’s 1st Congressional District. 

“Greater focus on how the environment impacts our students needs to be addressed! More concentration on social emotional resources and resources to address toxic and traumatic living conditions are needed! Also, there HAS to be a spirit of togetherness among school/family/community created, developed and sustained! In my experience, this is the secret sauce at schools like Rockdale and Evanston that are improving.”

If Davis is to prevail or at least have a pathway to win in this contest he will need a gigantic redemptive power.

Ben Lindy

Currently Ben Lindy the executive director of Teach for America, Southwest Ohio is on leave. His reference of the grade on Cincinnati Public Schools is misleading. All School District throughout the State of Ohio received bad grades.

Nonetheless, Lindy had this to say; “The issue is crucial because too many children in Cincinnati Public Schools still lack access to an outstanding education. Although we have made progress in the last decade, the fact that we’ve still earned two D’s in a row on the state report card indicate that we are not making progress fast enough. The best way we can improve neighborhood schools is through an increased focus on excellent building principals. Great teachers want to stay teaching in schools that have strong culture; and the building principal is the leading driver of that culture. By studying more closely where our best principals have come from and by then strategically recruiting additional principals with similar past experiences, we can take a big step forward on this front.”

Carolyn Jones

Seemingly, Carolyn Jones who is a Retired mental health professional is just looking for something to get into. She had this to say; “The establishment, implementation and measurement of equity strategies are necessary to ensuring high-performing neighborhood schools. It is accurate that there is great need to improve neighborhood schools such that all are recognized as good options, where students and families believe that they are availed the best education possible. However, high-performing schools ‘perform’ well for many reasons. Schools with strong parent involvement, i.e., schools with active PTAs, are known to perform better than those that don’t (have that). The district’s Vision 2020 strategic initiative is in the final stage of implementation, with specific focus on innovative curricula and various equity strategies to improve neighborhood schools, such as establishing a focus on learning; building professional communities that value learning; engaging external partners; promoting a welcoming environment for staff and community. I fully support parents’ school choice options.” Really! Remember School Choice Options direct resources away from the district. Vote your interest.

Although Davis may be struggling, there is much merit to his contention. He had this to say; “I think parents should choose CPS and that’s why I’m working so hard to make sure CPS can provide the highest quality option available! We definitely have all the resources necessary to win.”

You are strongly urged to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 and vote not necessarily Democrat or Republican, but vote for the candidate whom best represents your interest.


Author: Ishton W. Morton

Formerly, Ishton W. Morton is an educator and promoter for community advocacy which includes creating programs and services, developing partnerships, and changing public policies, laws, and practices to improve the lifestyle of all people I’m still having an overwhelming desire to provide an Outreach Continuing Education process through this media.