Middletown, Ohio Man Shot In Abdomen And Armpit

Written By: Ishton W. Morton -August 17th, 2019

Lt. Craig Cvetan, spokesman for Ohio State Highway Patrol

On August 15th, late Thursday night,  in South Middletown, Ohio  a speeding ticket ended up being a bullet to the abdomen of a state trooper.

Twenty two (22) year old Devon Marion, was shot after a car chase, an on foot chase and a struggle with the state trooper involved in this pursuit.

According to information received, serious criminal charges were brought against Devon Marion for assaulting the trooper in question.

Reportedly Cody, the suspect’s older brother said he worries about his brother.

A medical helicopter transported the Marion to Miami Valley Hospital. He is in stable condition.

According to Lt. Craig Cvetan, spokesman for Ohio State Highway Patrol. First responders transported a passenger in the suspect’s car to a hospital for an unrelated medical condition,.

Apparently, he was in the ICU prior to him been taken back to surgery for problems with his lower intestine. He added his brother probably panicked because of his previous problems with the law.

The older brother continues to say; “He probably didn’t think, ‘Oh, I’m speeding I should pull over. It’ll be fine.’ He probably thought ,’Oh, they’re after me. I need to get away.’ And so he did what he thought he needed to do, which he doesn’t always think straight. He doesn’t always jump to the correct conclusions.”

Nonetheless, The Ohio State Highway Patrol said; “Trooper Michael Williams deployed a Taser to try to stop Marion whom they say tried to assault the trooper, that’s when he was shot in the abdomen and armpit. Williams is a five-year veteran, is from Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Hamilton Post.

First responders took Williams to West Chester Hospital with injuries that are not life threatening. Williams has since been released.

Seemingly, detectives are looking at cruiser video and checking for drugs.

Moreover, Craig Cvetan, a spokesman for the State Highway Patrol said;”Certainly, that’s something that we’ll be looking at during our investigation as to whether this person was impaired.”

Subsequently, Highway Patrol said; “after Marion was wounded and subdued, Trooper Williams commenced performing CPR on Marion until paramedics arrived.”

Judy Neves knows of Devon Marion and have had dealing with in the past had this to say; “My prayers are out to him and his family and I hope they do well.”

Neves added she has watched Marion grow up and work through his troubled adolescent and early teen years.

Also, she said she is deeply saddened by the seriousness of this latest trouble.

In her lamentation she said; “I’ve talked to Devon several times, and from what I understand, he was getting his life in order. He just had a brand-new baby.”

Pursuant to the 22 year old Devon Marion current problems with the law many in his community are arguing that this incident is reflective or could be considered as an act of self-defense.

It is quite unclear what is the meaning of this, however Amber Jones, who said she has lived on Lafayette Avenue for approximately five years took cellphone photo images of the street scene overnight.

Jones added, “My kids were freaking out because my daughters have a friend that lives right there (where the chase ended) and they saw the cop cars and they thought that it came from his house.” What is the point?

Reportedly, Lafayette Avenue was closed off as a crime scene until 7:30 A.M. Friday morning.

Outwardly,everyone seems to be advocating for a fresh start for Marion.

Sadly, a fresh start for the young couple now not only includes a newborn but surgeries for bullet wounds and criminal charges that will be presented to a grand jury. When its all said and done you are responsible for your actions. Yes! You and you only!

Cody had this to say; “he knows there’s a tough medical, criminal and personal road ahead for his kid brother. What can I say? He’s my brother. We fight, we don’t get along sometimes but I love him.”


Author: Ishton W. Morton

Formerly, Ishton W. Morton is an educator and promoter for community advocacy which includes creating programs and services, developing partnerships, and changing public policies, laws, and practices to improve the lifestyle of all people I’m still having an overwhelming desire to provide an Outreach Continuing Education process through this media.