Killing Nine People And Wounding Many More

Written By: Ishton W. Morton – August 5th, 2019

24 year-old Connor Betts who fired gun shots into a crowd in Dayton killing nine people and wounding many more

On Monday August 5th, 2019 investigators are continuing to say they are not even close enough with their investigation to release any possible motive on 24 year-old Connor Betts who fired gun shots into a crowd in Dayton killing nine people and wounding many more.

A Dayton police officer said the gunman fired at least 41 times into a crowd before he was shot dead approximately 30 seconds later by officers.

Authorities said, the gun used to kill nine people in less than one minute during the Dayton shooting rampage was a tricked-out AR-15 style rifle that was “obtained legally,” Sunday — as they revealed the killer also brought a shotgun to the scene, but left it in his car.

The gun used to kill nine people in less than one minute during the Dayton shooting rampage was a tricked-out AR-15 style rifle

The term “tricked-out” means highly modified in a hellacious or extremely bad, unpleasant, or unbearable way.

During a press conference, police displayed a photo of the rifle Connor Betts used, which was also modified and equipped with a “double-drum” magazine that can hold 100 rounds.

Clearly Betts actions can be defined as evil, diabolical, and malicious intent, without just cause or reason, to commit a wrongful act that will result in death and harm to another.

Reportedly, Police said if the magazines were completely full, Betts would have had a maximum of 250 rounds at the time.

Nonetheless, Police believe the he acted alone but added that it’s still early in the investigation.

According to Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl Connor Betts his sister and his sister’s friend arrived in the same vehicle on the night of the shooting. They parked several blocks away from Ned Peppers. However, at some point during the night, they were separated, but Connor Betts came back and commence fire on his Megan Betts killing her and many others. Subsequently, Megan Betts’ companion was injured but is expected to survive.

In addition to the shooter’s sister, the victims were identified are  27 year-old Lois Ogelsby, 38 year-old Saeed Saleh, 57 year-old Derrick Fudge, 30 year-old Logan Turner, 25 year-old Nicholas Cummer, 25 year-old Thomas McNichols, 36 year-old Beatrice Curtis and 39 year-old Monica Brickhouse.

According to Seth Bauguess spokesman for Megan Betts had this to say; Megan was a student at (WSU) Wright State University. She was studying earth and environmental science. She was the only WSU student or employee involved in the shooting.

Bauguess continued to say, Bellbrook’s Police Chief said, “the parents of Megan and Connor Betts aren’t ready to speak and ask for privacy for themselves and their neighbors.”

The police chief added; “They are victims, and we are treating them as such and are being careful and cautious with them.”

However, according to Steve Johnson President of Sinclair College Connor Betts was previously enrolled at Sinclair Community College.

Johnson added; “We have learned that the person who is suspected of perpetrating this heinous crime was previously enrolled as a Sinclair student though was not actively enrolled this summer term. We are actively working with law enforcement to provide any and all information we may have to assist them in the response to this horrific act.”

Reportedly, Police Chief Biehl said, Betts was carrying a .223-caliber rifle and additional high-capacity magazines, Whaley said. Biehl said the gun Betts used originated from Texas, but was transferred to him at a local gun store. A shotgun was found in the gunman’s car.

Biehl continued to say, stopping Betts before he could get inside the bar was essential. If they were unable to do so, the loss of life could have been “catastrophic.” The five officers and a sergeant involved were placed on administrative leave, which is standard protocol.”

Meanwhile, federal and local authorities are searching a Bellbrook home in connection with the mass shooting but have not yet revealed their findings. Bellbrook is a small city in Greene County, which is located about 15 miles south of Dayton’s Oregon District, where the shooting happened.

At least 27 people were taken to area hospitals. Police reported, of the 27 wounded, at least 14 were treated for gunshot wounds. They say at least 15 of the wounded have been released, and 11 people remain in the hospital.

Police Lt. Col. Matt Carper told reporters the incident could have been far worse. Carper said that the incident ended quickly, because officers were already patrolling in the area when the gunshots started.

Subsequently, a family assistance center will be set up at the Dayton Convention Center.

Thusly, a dedicated phone line has been established for anyone with information about the incident or to get information. That number is 937-225-6217. Those interested in helping the victims can donate here.

Also, The FBI is assisting with the investigation. They’re asking that anyone with information, videos or pictures that could be valuable to the investigation submit them at

Author: Ishton W. Morton

Formerly, Ishton W. Morton is an educator and promoter for community advocacy which includes creating programs and services, developing partnerships, and changing public policies, laws, and practices to improve the lifestyle of all people I’m still having an overwhelming desire to provide an Outreach Continuing Education process through this media.