Kamala Harris Visited Cincinnati

Written By: Ishton W. Morton-May 2nd, 2021


Kamala Harris Visited Cincinnati – A WCPO PHOTO

Across the wide media spectrum, this is not a new story. For years there has been discussions pertaining to Brent Spence Bridge. For example, on Wednesday  June 11th, 2014 former Ohio Governor John Kasich put the finishing touches on tolling legislation for a new bridge in Cincinnati. Toll opponents figure residents will reroute around a tolled bridge and create more traffic headaches on residential streets. Reportedly, Ohio’s governor has been working with Kentucky’s governor on the issue of tolling for the Brent Spence Bridge.

The looming problem continues. Consider travelling south from Toledo, Ohio interstate highway 75, or travelling south from Cleveland, Ohio on interstate highway 71 with intention of getting to Kentucky and beyond. Arriving in Cincinnati, Ohio, both interstate  highways 71  and 75 merges together crossing over the Ohio River by way of the Brent Spence Bridge.    

On Friday April 29th, 2021 marking 100 days of the Biden-Harris administration in office Vice President Kamala Harris was in Cincinnati, Ohio pushing the “America Back on Track” tour.

Harris in a roundtable discussion entertained Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley, Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, transit workers local president of the largest U.S. union the Chamber of Commerce and Metro. The hour long roundtable discussion took place at the University of Cincinnati’s 1819 Innovation Hub.

By design the premise of the discussion was about transportation. The Vice President’s team added Cincinnati was targeted because of its stories of past transit struggles and growth.

In reality Harris came to Cincinnati to garner boarder support with President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion American Jobs Plan which contains more than $600 billion for infrastructure. Harris points linked the accessibility of public transportation to jobs thus highlighting her concern on how reduced transit will impact a worker’s ability to make it to their place of employment. accessibility of public transportation to jobs is extremely critical.

Specifically, on Friday, when the vice president was asked about the bridge in response she said; “I know about the Brent Spence Bridge, and it’s a very important bridge in America, and I’m sure that there will be a lot of conversations about its qualifications for some support out of the American Jobs Plan.” Seemingly, that was a no-answer. Accordingly, if Cincinnati area community leaders were anticipating for a definitive this-bridge-is-our-priority statement from the vice president Friday, they just did not get one.

Subsequently, on Thursday, the day before the Vice President’s visit her chief spokeswoman said; “the bridge could be targeted in the new plan but did not provide a definitive answer.”

Nonetheless, Symone Sanders continued to say; “That famous bridge in Cincinnati is a type of bridge that could potentially be targeted as one of these pilot projects so we’re going to have this conversation tomorrow.”

She added; “I am sure that Chairman Brown will have more to add to this. I’m not sure if folks in Cincinnati are aware, but Chairman Brown is not only the chairman of the banking committee but that committee is the banking and Urban Affairs Committee, it has to do with transit, and we’ll be talking about it specifically in downtown.”

Although many have viewed Vice President’s roundtable discussion as simple window dressing she did made a few good points. At one point she said; “I am willing to bet you that when the people of Cincinnati get on those buses being driven by Troy Miller’s members, they do not ask are you a Republican or a Democrat. When we are talking about those moms who need to walk on the sidewalk to get to the bus pushing a stroller walking a toddler, they’re not identifying their problem through the lens of who they voted for in the last election.”

What is extremely bizarre were demonstrators holding signs that read “Pray For America,” “This Is Not The Border” and a recycled “Trump Pence 2020.”

Meanwhile an RNC representative drove all the from Milwaukee labeling the American Jobs Act the American Scam Act.

Preya Samsundar who is the Midwest Communications Director for the Republican National Committee had this to say; “Only a very small piece of this plan is actual infrastructure. The rest of it is wasteful spending.”

In retrospect these people who are sitting back criticizing, demonstrating, holding up their meaningless signs and parading across the country in some ostentation attention seeking way needs to come to the table with a plan equally as meaningful and promising as that of the Biden-Harris’ Administration. Apparently, they nothing to offer! Remember empty vessels makes the most noise!

Author: Ishton W. Morton

Formerly, Ishton W. Morton is an educator and promoter for community advocacy which includes creating programs and services, developing partnerships, and changing public policies, laws, and practices to improve the lifestyle of all people I’m still having an overwhelming desire to provide an Outreach Continuing Education process through this media.