Convicted Rapist, Child Molester Mendez Encapsulated

Written By: Ishton W. Morton – November 1st, 2019

Mendez was arraigned in a Campbell County, Kentucky Courtroom and he waived extradition back to Georgia.

The search for convicted rapist and child molester Tony Munoz-Mendez who was accidentally released from prison ended Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 in Fort Thomas, Kentucky at approximately 10:30 P.M. just about 530 miles from Atlanta.

According to the Georgia Department of Corrections, Tony Maycon Munoz-Mendez was set free at approximately 11:30 A.M. Friday, October, 25th, 2019. However, it was not until Monday, October 28th, 2019 that his release was made public.

Sources say, the convicted rapist was in prison for life for attacking a pre-teen girl repeatedly and was released “in error” from Rogers Georgia State Prison in Reidsville, Georgia.

Munoz-Mendez was convicted of rape and aggravated child molestation in Gwinnett County. It was reported that the crimes took place in 2010 and 2012.

Reportedly, Mendez whom have served only four and a half years into his life sentence when he was accidentally released and was on the run for roughly 72 hours before he was captured.

Actually he was captured at an apartment in Fort Thomas and he vigorously, but briefly resisted arrest by putting up an enormous fight against the federal agents who encapsulated him.

According to U.S. Marshal Eric Heinz; “All efforts to get Mr. Mendez to walk out failed. Nonetheless, Mr. Mendez was arrested after he briefly resisted arrest.

Sources said Mendez was arraigned in a Campbell County, Kentucky Courtroom and he waived extradition back to Georgia.

Apparently, Tony Munoz-Mendez who was serving a three life sentences, was captured Wednesday night, October 30th, 2019 in an apartment located in the 700 block of South Fort Thomas Avenue.

It was not made clear as to exactly how or why Mendez was released from prison. However, The Department of Corrections has said they are reviewing the circumstances that resulted in Mendez’s released.

Also, investigators said, “Mendez’s brother-in-law picked him up in a vehicle, drove him to Northern Kentucky and allowed him to stay in his apartment.”

It was not made clears as to what charges will be brought against Mendez’s brother-in-law picked him up, or right now, the brother-in-law is not facing any charges.

Subsequently, according to Heinz, “The brother-in-law was cooperative when we knocked on the door.”

Reportedly, the people who lives near and around the apartment building where Mendez was captured were extremely bewildered when they saw dozens officers surrounding the building.

Fred Dickow who lives across the street had this to say; “I’ve lived here since ’85 and the most things you usually see are someone getting a parking ticket.”

Jeri Dickow the wife of Fred Dickow added, “This is a nice city and it was really shocking, especially when we found out what he was in prison for.”


Author: Ishton W. Morton

Formerly, Ishton W. Morton is an educator and promoter for community advocacy which includes creating programs and services, developing partnerships, and changing public policies, laws, and practices to improve the lifestyle of all people I’m still having an overwhelming desire to provide an Outreach Continuing Education process through this media.