Sad tale of the attempted Democrat takeover of the Cincinnati NAACP


Sad tale of the attempted Democrat takeover of the Cincinnati NAACP

As our loyal readers know, for the past seven years, COAST and the Cincinnati branch of the NAACP have partnered on issue after issue to effectuate progress for the working men and women of Cincinnati:

  1. Opposing a new jail tax,
  2. killing Red Light and Speeding Cameras,
  3. ending the trash tax,
  4. stopping the glass atrium atop City Hall, and
  5. in a dramatic 2013 crescendo, with a law suit and a referendum petition drive, stopping Mayor Mallory’s Parking Plot.
  6. We also shined the light of truth that still is bright today on the Cincinnati Streetcar boondoggle, with two separate ballot issues.

But in order to advance these important initiatives, the Cincinnati branch of the NAACP necessarily had to be independent from the national democrat establishment of labor unions, left-wing politicians and contractors-on-the-dole propped up by their excessive spending.  It is a mighty fortress spewing out irrational policies in city after city in America, a lock on urban politics that is tough to break, but break it indeed we have done, led by Christopher Smitherman and the Cincinnati branch of the NAACP.

But the Empire Strikes Back.  The democrat party, the national NAACP, and organized labor have simply decided to end free thought in the local NAACP branch.

Let’s connect the dots of seemingly unrelated matters in the news that have culminated in the vote suppression emanating from the national NAACP seeking to change the outcome of the local leadership election:

  • In a remarkable break from policies of local liberals, in early 2012 Christopher Smitherman bravely opposed City funding to Mahogany’s Restaurant.  The restaurant grant and loan was a rally cry for misled liberals and was foisted against public opinion by Mayor Mallory.  As it played out, it was a shameless waste of City monies that drove Mahogany’s owners into financial distress.  This was the straw that broke the establishment’s back and they declared war on the current NAACP leadership.
  • In opposing the Streetcar project, Smitherman and the NAACP awakened the giant of contractor Parsons Brinckerhoff and the dozens of other hangers-on who profit from capital boondoggles, the benefits to the public be damned.
  • In the 2013 election, labor union thugs spent more than $200,000 secretly and illegally seeking directly the defeat of Christopher Smitherman, with ads and mailers primarily targeting the black community.  It did not work.
  • The same hucksters opposing Smitherman have rallied around the criminal conduct of Judge Tracie Hunter and used the trial as a cry for organizing against the leadership of the local branch of the NAACP.
  • Then, two of the boosters of union leadership seeking to take over the Cincinnati branch of the NAACP, Rob Richardson’s employee and sister-in-law, falsely accused new NAACP President Ishton Morton of criminal assault at the January NAACP meeting.  This week, after a four-day trial, Judge Heather Russell found Ishton Morton “not guilty,” further exposing the lies perpetrated by forces seeking to control the local chapter of the NAACP.
  • Finally, facing another certain defeat in the 2014 NAACP leadership elections, the national organization cancelled properly-called elections and has engaged in shameless vote suppression activities to manipulate the election to assure the union thugs take over NAACP leadership.  Judge Martin has enjoined their bogus “election,” and has demanded a fair election for control of the local.

These actions are all aimed at undermining and disempowering those who would challenge liberal orthodoxy within the democrat establishment, and specifically to re-take leadership of the local branch of the NAACP for the establishment democrat party and its allies.

We are certain that the final chapter in this sorry tale has not been told.  Local blacks are being to told to end their independent thoughts and actions, with a strong corrective yank on the tight leash upon them from the national liberal establishment.

We pray they maintain their independence, and refuse to allow anyone to tell them how to think.

No Charges Against officers Involved In Shooting

Written By: Ishton W. Morton – March 21st, 2017

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters

On Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced that there will be no charges filed against the officers involved in Sunday March 12th, 2017 shooting at 2651 Gilbert Avenue in Walnut Hills. However, Damion McRae is indicted. Continue reading “No Charges Against officers Involved In Shooting”

Increased Neighborhood Roadside’s Memorials

Written By: Ishton W. Morton – February 18th, 2016

Roadside memorial markers that commemorates site where person(s) died suddenly as results of violent crimes or murders are completely unacceptable.

Increased Neighborhoods Roadside’s Memorials

Seemingly, signs like these are becoming as popular as grave site headstone and are increasing at an alarming rate in our neighborhoods.

Subsequently, these types of roadside or street memorial marks the last place on earth where a person was alive. Under these circumstances these roadside or street memorials are statement of grief and  love from the loved ones of the murdered victim(s). Continue reading “Increased Neighborhood Roadside’s Memorials”


St. Kitts and Nevis has nothing to show for the frequent overseas travels of PM Harris and ministers, says MP Liburd

wp-147BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS – Where is the EC$700 million left in the Treasury when the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party left office? How much money has Prime Minister Dr the Hon. Timothy Harris, who has been out of the country almost every week, spent on travelling?  Continue reading “COMMENTARY”

Telephone Companies are Running out of Numbers

Written By: Ishton W. Morton – November 23rd, 2016

Telephone Key-Pad Showing Numbers 0 to 9
Telephone Key-Pad Showing Numbers 0 to 9

Although we were taught that our number system can extend into infinity may it be positive of negative. However, our number system is consisted of  ten (10) main number starting with zero (0) through nine (9) and thereafter every other number or any combination thereof are repeats of the first ten (10) numbers. For example, take the number ten (10) which is a combination of  one (1) and zero (0) eleven (11) becomes a repeat of (1) one and (1) one. These processes shall repeated to create the desired number combination. Continue reading “Telephone Companies are Running out of Numbers”

Community Demanding Deters Retry Case

Written By: Ishton W. Morton – November 14th, 2016

Common Pleas Judge Megan Shanahan speaks at the Hamilton County Courthouse for the start of jury selection in the murder case against Ray Tensing, Monday, Oct. 31, 2016, in Cincinnati. The former University of Cincinnati police officer is charged with murder in the shooting death of Sam DuBose. (Carrie Cochran//The Cincinnati Enquirer via AP, Pool)
Common Pleas Judge Megan Shanahan speaks at the Hamilton County Courthouse. 

Subsequently, to Saturday, November 12th, 2016 Hamilton County Judge’s declaration  of a mistrial in Raymond Tensing trial many are asking; why were there no African-American men on the jury for the trial of a white ex-police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man? Continue reading “Community Demanding Deters Retry Case”

Post-Election Disinfectant — November 2016

Articles | Posted by Jim Clingman November 7th, 2016

James Clingman is the nation’s most prolific writer on economic empowerment for Black people
James Clingman is the nation’s most prolific writer on economic empowerment for Black people

By the time you read this I trust you will have wiped away the slime and the grunge, regurgitated a few times, taken a good bath or shower, relentlessly scrubbed the stench from your bodies, and maybe even found it necessary to delouse.

The dirty, filthy, hateful, distasteful, embarrassing, vile, toxic, grimy, polluted campaign we all witnessed is likely the worst in the history of electing a President. Continue reading “Post-Election Disinfectant — November 2016”

Judge Ordered 12 Men and Women Jurors Returned To Deliberations

Written By Ishton W. Morton – November 12th, 2016

Pursuant to the Ray Tensing jury trial they have broken off Friday evening without a  verdict. Thusly, deliberations will resume on Saturday, November 12th, 2016 at approximately 8 A.M. This mean in three days the jury has been in deliberation for more than 20 hours.

Judge Megan Shanahan
Judge Megan Shanahan

However, the 12 men and women in the jury have been sequestered again until they reach a decision, (hopefully not a hang) on former University of Cincinnati’s police officer Tensing’s charges for the death of Sam DuBose.

Apparently, on Friday, November 11th, 2016 at approximately twelve (12) noon, the jury told the judge that they could not reach a unanimous decision on either charge. Judge Megan Shanahan ordered them to return to deliberations. Continue reading “Judge Ordered 12 Men and Women Jurors Returned To Deliberations”

Full Citizenship for Residents of the USVI

Written By: Ishton W. Morton – November  10th, 2016

It is believed that Cecil Benjamin during the 2016 Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia Pennsylvania as the delegation(s) from the U. S. Virgin Islands gave their position of support they dissimulate certain information that was not altogether correct. It was somewhat ambiguous.

They introduced themselves as being from the U.S. Virgin Island, American in the (West Indies) Caribbean, and home of Alexander Hamilton.

Alexander Hamilton lived on the island of St. Croix between 1765 and 1772.
Alexander Hamilton lived on the island of St. Croix between 1765 and 1772.

However, on the contrary the problem(s) are approximately two hundred years ago Alexander Hamilton was born on the island of Nevis, in the British West Indies and not in the Virgin Islands. Interestingly, the exact year of Alexander Hamilton’s birth is unknown because historians have found two sets of birth records. The date of his birth is now set at 1755 by newly discovered Danish documents. This makes Alexander Hamilton two years older than was thought. Continue reading “Full Citizenship for Residents of the USVI”

The Boogie Man is Coming to Get You!

Written By: Ishton W. Morton – October 18th, 2016

 The lamentation of the people is; they are literary being taxed out of their homes. Here comes Mary Ronan with another newly proposed property tax levy for Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) in the amount of 7.93 mills for a period of five years. Accordingly it is estimated that it will cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $278 per year if it passes.

Mary Ronan, Superintendent Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education
Mary Ronan, Superintendent Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education

Amazingly, the CPS Board of Education has voted unanimously to put this levy on the ballot, have said if it is approved by voters, proceeds will be used for preschool expansion as well as strengthening neighborhood schools, expanding the availability of technology for students, and more thoroughly preparing students for careers or college.

Subsequently, the 5-year life’s period of the levy will begin in 2016, and the amount will appear on property bills in 2017 if approved. The county auditor has estimated that it will generate about $48 million per year. They are going to suck every drop of blood out of your body! The Boogie Man is coming to get you! Wake-up and smell the fertilizer that they are serving you! Continue reading “The Boogie Man is Coming to Get You!”